Charisma and Maggie, founders of Velveteen, created this online magazine in April of 2017.


M: Charisma and I have a shared love of poetry. We met in a poetry course in our last semester at SHSU. Within the realm of poetry, I like to practice rhythm and blues, but I wouldn’t say that I am a student of a specific type of structure. I find that I lean toward prose poetry more than anything, because I love a good run-on sentence.

C: I’ve always been drawn to the natural and aesthetically pleasing genres of poetry. I love the sing-song, rhyme and flow of music, which was the first form of poetry that really called to me. As a teenager, I used to spend hours in my room analyzing my favorite songs, which is perhaps why this type of poetry is so beautiful to me. My writings deal primarily with my personal struggles and experiences, and being very romantic and idealistically minded, a lot of the things I write tend to be just as flowery as my overall outlook of the world. A field of hydrangeas and sonta lilies underneath a purple thunderstorm.


M: In art, which I define as anything visual and artistic (also literary) (I have pretty inclusive definition of “art”). I’m a fan of colors in art more than anything, but I can still appreciate the merit of black and white. My favorite designer is Betsey Johnson, but I mostly wear a classic silhouette, if that’s any indication of my style.

C: I love subtlety. Subtlety with hidden messages and ideas. I love work that can be interpreted into whatever I need it to be. Again, I love romanticism, and I love stimulation.


M: Like I said before, prose poetry is where I work best, but Prose and Prose Poetry are different schools of writing. Prose, to me, is short stories, essays, explanations, et cetera, that tell a story and include emotions, whereas poetry tells of emotions that might also tell a story.

C: I love to fall in love with characters. If a writer can make me see the good in a crack dealing, baby stealing prostitute, they’ve got me. (Maybe not baby stealing, yikes.)


M: For me, having an option to promote a playlist is probably the most important part of consuming any artistic expression. What was the artist or author or creator listening to when they made this thing? In what way did sound affect their process? I know that when I write, I don’t listen to music, but there is still, usually, a song or tone playing in my head that echoes on the page.

C: I never know what I’m going to like from one day to the next. My favorite artist is Lana. ❤