Poem: “Gemini” Maggie Boyle

“On a planet not so far away

We were born together

In the beginning, there was just you and me

Where we was washed up

Upon this river

Suckle on the honey of the Tennessee

Where we would sleep

In the soft sunshine

I smile at you and you to me”

  • Gemini, Alabama Shakes


Float forever in the long stream, Gemini –

crisp yellow bank grass

in blue


In the green water you are

finding yourself

more often these days

cleaner now than you were


way back in clean waters


Swimming over the edge

a precipice and a snorkel

and a fear of open water made you turn for shore


but then you learned to breathe under pressure

under water

and now you can neutralize yourself

between zero and one


but its fun in the sun

floating like Moses


except not guilty

not a baby


but still pure as one


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