Poem: “Lovely Suzzane” Porscia Eve

refreshingly breathtaking, like a breath of fresh air
words spoken with blissful peace, astonishment can’t compare
all the wonders of a dream, inspiring our reality
beautifully complicated, in such ways we strive to be
a novel, properly defined as a page turner
of motivation to be blessed to be close to her
magnetic, with the gravitational pull
her inspiration, causes a sensational tole
a guilty pleasure, im not afraid to be proud of
addictive like adderall, while being so productive
written as fantasy, with the boldness of actuality
anything from average, breaking all formality
spoken like a philosopher, a mind full of knowledge
innocence of a child, as lovely as a lady
simple as words, interpretive like the dances
her existence encourages paint on artists canvasses
adventure runs her mind, lost with no map
living happily ever after, seems like this would be the wrap
but she expects nothing, always to be blown away
she’s mysterious too, there is just not enough hours in a day


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