Poetry: “24th May 2015” Porscia Eve

I was I, and you were you
this much i know to be true
in an atmosphere so fantastic
with too much beauty and love to withstand it
you found me as you had once before
as you spoke it, i felt it in my core
a flame that was burning
we had been apart of each other all along
with you I knew I belonged
a surprising transition from nothing into everything
all i had ever dreamed of in a cosmic upswing
we slipped into an intimacy in which we have not recovered
but im not looking to be rediscovered
We boogied at the woogie to melody of vibrations
not a single soul around stuck in hibernation
on the dancefloor where we were all connected
dancing to music with the sky above
one spin on the dance floor and everything was electric
you reminded me to breathe,
by making me breathless
saw everything underneath,
allowing me to be reckless
it was love at first site, but only in this lifetime
to find you again this way, was so truly divine
like we had been apart of each other all along
nothing could go wrong, so why would we prolong
you asked me to meet you underneath the stars
as I agreed to our deal I knew the night would be ours
even if you had disappeared forever
you made me understand how I would know my real lover
as the sun kissed the day goodnight
I couldn’t have been more exciting for the moonlight
we began writing the first pages of our fairy tale fantasy story
little did we know that make believe was making our reality
you stopped and told me that you loved me in your arms
I told you I loved you too with absolutely no harm
I had loved you before you came into my existence
the only aspect that had kept as apart was distance
now connected by each others gravitational pull
I always wanted to be by your sensational soul
that night and every single day
I have to say
I wanted you then and I want you today
just as well as all of my tomorrows.I love you



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