Poem: “Blue” Charisma Lawler

Blue fire in spades,
I’m too easy to light.
Paroxysmal lust for love-
Lie to me, Papi, hold me tight.

If only you could have me,
The things you wouldn’t do.

 A tired line, but I smile and lie,
Maharaja, I’m too pious, but believe me, me too.

And these men all love the things I do,
The way I make them feel.
Vapid kisses handed out like candy,
But never anything real.

Meretricious little girl,
Well, what did I expect?
Trading one more dram of whiskey,
For one more ounce of respect.

Languid enthusiasm? Sorry-
But you’re just another knave.
Praying for another heart,
(Before I reach the grave.)

Another dram, and I can pretend.
Oh it’s okay, I know we’re just friends.

You people break me up,
I cry.
You make me want to die.
But I’ll paint my lashes once again,
Desperate for another goodbye.


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