Poem, “We Were a Moment” Charisma Lawler

His frantic elixir went down so fast.

He touched my lips, satisfaction, at last.
And when his fingers moved
Up my spine,
I lost my breath,
I wished he were mine.
Don’t tease me, Potentate,
I can’t resist your brew.
Want to be your sweetheart,
But really want all of you.
Strong arms that could destroy,
And words that could do the same.
I should run, but i won’t.
(I must be insane.)

You’re terrifying and opaque,
A puzzle under lock.
Icy cold and complex,
I think it’s so punk rock.

But penetration is more
Than sex and lust and fire.
Your heart and body are marble magnificent
Too bad, it’s both that I desire.


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